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58. (No. 3 in 1997) Globalisation: The New Domination of Eastern Europe

Peter Gowan  The Dangers of Facade Cosmopolitanism  

David Chandler  Globalisation and Minority Rights: How Ethical Foreign Policy Recreates the East-West Divide  

Ken Livingstone  Democracy versus the Market in the Globalised Economy

David Mandel Unions in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: A Case Study  

Renfrey Clarke Public Opinion in Russia in 1997


László Andor:  The Political Economy of Dual Transformations: Market Reform and Democratisation in Hungary by David L. Bartlett (Ann Arbor, 1997)

Gus Fagan: Revolution From Above. The Demise of the Soviet System, by Fred Weir and David Kotz (Routledge, 1997)

Andrew Kilmister:  Russian Unemployment and Enterprise Restructuring: Reviving Dead Souls, by G. Standing (Macmillan, 1996)

Kate Hudson: Ceausescu and the Securitate: Coercion and Dissent in Romania 1965-1989, by Denis Deletant (Hurst, 1995)