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59. (No. 1 in 1998)  Eastern Europe: Is EU Entry the Right Choice?

Janos Sjöstedt Alternatives to EU Enlargement  

Petr Uhl  The Eastward Expansion of EU and NATO  

Peter Gowan   Enlargement: The Uncertainties Remain

Janos Jemnitz The Hungarian Socialist Party after Four Years in Power  

Stepan Steiger  The Czech Left in Election Year 1998

Boris Kagarlitsky  Five Years of the Communist Party of the Russian

Tadeusz Kowalik  The Systematic Conditioning of Polish Social Policy

Peter Truscott MEP Russia's Future Role in Europe  

Kate Hudson The Left in Europe  

Alan Freeman  GATT and the World Trade Organisation  

Patrick Baker  Conflict in Spain's United Left


Andy Kilmister:  Market Failure: Eastern Europe’s Economic Miracle, by László Andor and Martin Summers (Pluto Press, 1998)

Peter Gowan:  The Bulgarian Economy in Transition, by John. A. Bristow  (E Elgar, 1996)

Michael Hindley: Enough! A Socialist Fights Back, by Jan Marijnissen (SPN, 1996)

Steve Hoier:  Russia First. Breaking with the West, by Peter Truscott  (I B Tauris, 1997)