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60. (No 2 in 1998)  Czech Republic: Social Democrats in Power

Karen Henderson,  Social Democracy Comes to Power in the 1998 Czech Elections  

László Andor,  New Striker in Old Team: the 1998 Parliamentary Elections in Hungary

Marek Torunski,  Poland 1968: The Death of Jewish Culture in Poland  

Tatiana Zhurzhenko,  Ukrainian Women in the Transition  

Adam Swain,  Dismantling the Coal Mining Industry in Ukraine  

Boris Kagarlitsky,  One Hundred Years of Reformism: a review of Donald Sassoon's One Hundred Years of Socialism.


David Mandel:  The Workers' Movement in Russia, by S. Clarke, P. Fairbrother and V. Borisov  (E Elgar, 1995)

Nigel Swain:
Land Reform in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, edited by Stephen Wagner  (Routledge, 1998)
Political Economy of Agrarian Reform in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Johan Swinnen  (Ashgate, 1998)
Agricultural Privatisation: Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Johan Swinnen  (Ashgate, 1998)

David Edye:
Migrations Past, Migrations Future, edited by Klaus Bade and Myron Weiner
Migrants, Refugees and Foreign Policy; US and German Policies Towards Countries of Origin, edited by Rainer Münz and Myron Weiner
Immigration Admissions: The Search for Workable Policies in Germany and the United States, edited by Kay Heilbronner, David A. Martin and Hiroshi Motomura
(All published by Berghahn, 1997)