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No. 61, 1998, The IMF and the Russian Crisis

Boris Kagarlitsky The IMF and the Russian Crisis

Michel Chossudovsky The G7 Solution to the Global Financial Crisis: A Marshall Plan for Creditors and Speculators

Isaac Bigio The Successor Parties in Eastern Europe: From Social Democracy to National Communism

Gerhard Jordan The Greens in Eastern Europe

David Mandel Russia: Revolution, Counter-Revolution and the Working Class. Reflections on the 80th Anniversary of the 1917 Revolution


David Chandler
Divided Europe  by Adam Burgess (Pluto Press 1997)
Values and Political Change in Postcommunist Europe   edited by W Miller, S White and P Heywood  (Macmillan 1998)
Imagining the Balkans  by Maria Todorova (OUP 1997)