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No. 63, 1999. NATOs Unjust and Illegal War

Diana Johnstone,  Notes on the Kosovo Problem and the International Community

Diana Johnstone,  NATO’s Humanitarian Trigger

Gilbert Achcar,  Where the Humanitarian Supporters of NATO Get it Wrong

Michael Barratt-Brown,  A Briefing on Kosovo

Immanuel Wallerstein,  Bombs Away!

László Andor,  Some Information on Hungary’s Response to the War in Yugoslavia

Michel Chossudovsky,  Lawyers Charge NATO Before War Crimes Tribunal

Appeals, Statements, Documents:

UK and International: Open Letter to Heads of NATO Governments

French Appeal:  Stop the Bombing, Self-Determination

Serbian NGOs:  Appeal by Serbian NGOs

Eco-Appeal:  Serbia Threatened with Ecological Disaster

Oskar Lafontaine:  May-Day Speech on Yugoslavia

Elmar Altvater:  Letter to German Greens

German Greens:  Special Conference Resolution on Yugoslavia

German PDS:  Peace Plan for Yugoslavia

German Foreign Ministry Documents on the humanitarian situation in Kosovo

Rambouillet Agreement: Appendix B: Status of Multi-National Implementation Force.

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