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Russian Aggression in Chechnya

Vicken Cheterian  The Russian Military in the Second  Chechen War: Revenge of the Army  or Putsch in the Making?

Renfrey Clarke & Boris Kagarlitsky   Chechnya: Russia's East Timor

Peter Gowan  Kosovo: The War and its Aftermath

Ken Coates  After the War in Yugoslavia:  What  Next for the European Left?

Andrew Kilmister  Comment:  The Kosovo Albanians  and  the Breakup of Yugoslavia

Gregor Gysi  Twelve Theses for a Modern Socialist  Policy:   A Response to the Blair/Schröder Manifesto

Boris Kagarlitsky The Prospects for Socialism (or Barbarism)

Review:  Peter Gowan, The Global Gamble: Washington's Faustian Bid for World Dominance (Verso 1999),  Andrew Kilmister