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Ken Coates  Will this be the Short Millenium?   US and Russian Military Policy in the Third Nuclear Age

Mary Brennan  European Security: Choices, Threats and Opportunities

Peter Gowan  Peripheralisation of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1990s

László Andor  Knocking on Europe's Door:  The Costs of Delay in EU's Eastward Enlargement

Kenneth McRobbie    György Lukács: From the Rubbish Heap to Just Off Centre


Anna Pollert, Transformation at Work in the New Market Economies of Eastern Europe    reviewed by Andy Kilmister

Rosalind Marsh (ed.), Women in Russia and Ukraine reviewed by  Pieta Monks

Jonathan Haslam, The Vices of Integrity: E. H. Carr 1892-1982
reviewed by Phil Shannon

Cover:  Tibor Szabó (1st right) with other members of the Lukács Circle in Hungary, examining Lukács statue. Photo: Kenneth McRobbie.