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Labour Focus on Eastern Europe, No. 66, 2000.

Noam Chomsky The End of the Milosevic Regime

Anna Pollert The Czech Labour Movement a Decade after 1989

David Mandel,  Trade Unions in Ukraine: A Case Study

The Union Messenger Russian Labour 2000

Boris Kagarlitsky,  Putin's Russia: The Oligarchs, the Labour Movement and the Chechen War

Sonja Lokar,  Women in Eastern Europe: 5 Theses

Stephen Day,  Poland: From SdRP to SLD

Urszula Lugowska,  The Polish Socialist Party and the Radical Left in Poland

Zarko Puhovski,  The Real Danger in the Balkans

Sarah Ashwin, Russian Workers: The Anatomy of Patience (1999),  reviewed by David Mandel