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                                                              Back Issues 1977-97

Some of these issues, especially those from the 1970s, are available only as photo-copies.

1. (vol.1 no.1, 1977)
Jiri Pelikan and Jan Kavan on Charter 77, New Opposition in Czechoslovakia;
Oliver MacDonald on Polish Events of 1976;
Günter Minnerup on the Expulsion of Wolf Bierman;
Poland: First Appeal by KOR (Workers Defence Committee);
KOR Letter to Sejm;
Complaint by 65 Radom Workers, plus other documents.

2. (vol.1 no.2 1977)
Edmund Baluka on the Workers Movement in Poland;
Tamara Deutscher on Khruschev;
Petr Uhl Appeals to Western Left;
Zdenek Mlynar Appeals to WFTU;
Charter 77 Document No 7 on Social Rights;
Marxist Oppositionists on the Crisis in the GDR;
Appeal by 200 Oppositionists.

3. (vol.1 no.3 1977)
Jacek Kuron on the Polish Opposition;
Zdenek Mlynar on Charter 77;
Documents: Poland:
Student Solidarity Committee Formed;
KOR Appeal after Death of Pyjas;
Elena Bonner and Piotr Grigorenko Appeal Against Trial of Helsinki Group; Czechoslovakia:
Jiri Mueller Letter to CPGB.

4. (vol.1 no.4 1977)
Günter Minnerup on the Rise of Honecker;
Marina Voikhanskaya on Soviet Psychiatry;
Silesian Miners Protest;
Praxis Group: The Meaning of the Struggle for Civil and Human Rights.

5. (vol.1 no.5 1977)
Eric Heffer on Why Socialists Oppose Repression in Eastern Europe;
Rudolf Bahro on the Alternative in Eastern Europe;
Three Letters from Romanian Miners;
Charter 77 Supports Berufsverbot Victims in Germany;
Declaration by Democratic Movement;
Declaration of Student Solidarity Committee;
Robotnik - a New Workers Paper.

6 (vol.1 no.6 1977)
Bohdan Krawchenko on Soviet Trade Unions;
Jan Kavan on One Year of Charter 77;
Vladimir Fisera on Eurocommunism and Eastern Europe;
Paul Goma on the Romanian Opposition;
Czechoslovakia: Czech Oppositionists Support Heinrich Böll;
Charter 77 Statement on Political Trials;
Jacek Kuron, Jan Josef Lipsky and Anton Macierewicz Debate Strategy.

7. (vol.2 no.1 1978)
Vadim Belotserkovsky on Russian Workers and Human Rights;
Amnesty Research Staff on the Story of Viktor Klebanov and his Comrades;
Workers Plan for Independent Trade Unions;
Former Party Leader, Edward Ochab Appeals for Greater Democracy;
Marxist Workers Circles in the GDR.

8. (vol.2 no.2 1978)
Vadim Belotserkovsky on Trade Unions and Workers in the USSR;
Jan Kavan on Political Currents inside Charter 77;
Workers Group Appeals to Western Unions;
Charter 77 Statements: Ten Years Since the Prague Spring;
100 Years of Czech Socialism;
Manifesto of League of Democratic Communists in Germany;
Opposition Group issues "Declaration 78".

9. (vol.2 no.3 1978)
Eric Heffer MP on Labour and Soviet Free Trade Unionists;
Victor Haynes on the Soviet Free Trade Unions;
Founding Declaration of Free Trade Unions in Katowice;
Declaration of Baltic Free Trade Unions;
Statutes of Free Trade Union Association;
Special Supplement:
The Debate Inside Charter 77.

10. (vol.2 no.4 1978)
Boris Weil on Being a Marxist in the USSR;
Miklos Haraszti on the Myth of Kadarism;
Yuri Orlov: an Autobiographical Sketch;
Charter 77 Statement on Anniversary of Soviet Invasion;
Joint Statement of Charter 77 and  Polish  KOR;
Interview with Plastic People of the Universe;
Statements by Free Trade Unionists.

11. (vol.2 no.5 1978)
Robert Havemann: an Interview;
Patrick Camiller on Repression in Romania;
Oliver MacDonald Guide to Left-Wing Defence Bulletins on Eastern Europe;
Rudolf Battek, Jaroslav Meznik and Jiri Mnller, Letter to Socialist International;
Statements from Peasant Strike Movement.

12. (vol.2 no.6 1979)
Jaroslav Sabata on Perspectives for the Czech Opposition;
Miklos Haraszti  on Hungarian Society in the 1970s;
Günter Minnerup on the Political Ideas of Rudolf Bahro;
Charter 77 Exposes Nuclear Scandal;
Charter Leaders Appeal to Western Socialist Leaders;
KSS-KOR Program of Action.

13. (vol.3 no.1 1979)
Mihaly Vajda on the Hungarian Minority in Transylvania;
Wlodzimierz Brus on Rakovski's "East European Marxism";
Tamara Deutscher, Ken Coates and Günter Minnerup  debate boycotting the Soviet Union;
The Sabata Case;
Documents from the Peasant Movement;
Declaration by Trade Union Group.

14. (vol.3 no.2 1979)
Vadim Nechaev: a History of the Leningrad Left Opposition;
Bill Lomax on the Samizdat of the Hungarian Opposition;
Vaclav Havel and Ludvik Vaculik debate the Ethics of Opposition;
Over 2500 Support Free Trade Union;
Statement by Robert Havemann;
"Robotnik" on the Strike Movement.

15.(vol.3 no.3 1979)
Adam Michnik on the Pope and Poland;
Jacek Kuron on the Programme of the Opposition;
Bill Lomax  Guide to the Hungarian Opposition 1956-1978;
Zdenek Mlynar on the Repression in Czechoslovakia;
Statement by VONS.

16. (vol.3 no.4 1979)
Documents from Poland:
Charter of Workers Rights;
Statutes and Founding Declaration of KPN;
Robert Havemann's Appeal on 30th Anniversary of GDR;
Rights of Hungarians in Slovakia.

17. (vol.3 no.5 1979-1980)
Piotre Egides and P. Podrabinek on the Democratic Movement in the USSR;
Günter Minnerup on Rudolf Bahro's Programme for Eastern Europe;
Founding Declaration and Platform of Polish Socialist Party (PPS);
"Robotnik" on the Unofficial Workers' Movement;
Documents from the Prague Trial of VONS Members.

18. (vol.3 no.6 1980)
Piotr Egides What is "Poiski"?;
Oliver MacDonald on the Independent Workers Movement in Gdansk;
Andras Hegedus and Zoltan Zsille on Hungary's New Economic Mechanism;
Documents from the Women's Movement;
Leaflet to the Shipyard Workers from the Founding Committee of the Free Trade Unions of Gdansk (Lech Walesa, Anna Walentynowicz and others).

19. (vol.4 nos.1-3 1980)
Special Polish Issue:
The Complete Solidarnosc Strike Bulletins;
also the 21 Demands (August 1980) and the Draft Statutes of the Free Trade Union. Documents from the Workers Movement all over Poland. (62 pages)

20. (vol.4 nos.4-6 1981)
Special Polish Issue:
Documents from Solidarnosc;
a Chronicle of Events, with Interviews, Discussions and Reports. (62 pages)

21. (vol.5 nos.1-2 1982)
Solidarnosc: The Complete Programme (Adopted October 1981);
The Polish Coup: a documentary account of the Coup and the Resistance;
Michele Lee on the Kosovo Crisis in Yugoslavia;
with Documents from Eastern Europe in Response to the Polish Coup.

22. (vol.5 nos.3-4 1982)
Bill Lomax on Democratic Opposition in Hungary 1977-1982;
Jean-Paul Himka on Opposition in Ukraine;
Arshi Pipa on the Conflict in Kosovo;
Jacek Kuron and Zbigniew Bujak debate Strategy in Poland;
Jean-Yves Potel on Self-Management in Poland:
from the Peace Movements in Eastern Europe.

23. (vol.5 nos.5-6 1982-83)
Zhores Medvedev on Yuri Andropov;
Janos Kis on the End of the Post-Stalin Epoch;  
Edward Thompson on the Peace Movement in Eastern Europe;
Oliver MacDonald on Russian Socialists and Eurocommunists;
from the Polish and Hungarian Opposition and from Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia.

24. (vol.6 nos1-2 1983)
Jeff Gleisner Old Bolsheviks Discuss Socialism;
Jaroslav Sabata Eastern Europe in the 1980s;
Gus Fagan on the East German Peace Movement;
Rudolf Bahro on the Cold War and Germany;
Special Dossier:
The Peace Movements in Eastern Europe.

25. (vol.7 no.1 1984)
Zhores Medvedev on Andropov's Priorities;
Jiri Dienstbier on the Peace Movements and the World Powers;
Bill Lomax on the Hungarian Peace Movement;
Luka Markovic on the Crisis in the Yugoslav League of Communists;
from the GDR Peace Movement, the Hungarian Opposition and Polish Solidarnosc.

26. (vol.7 no.2 1984)
Interview with Sandor Racz, Leader of Hungarian Workers Councils 1956;
Oliver MacDonald on the Political Struggle in Poland;
Michele Lee on Yugoslavia Between the IMF and Socialism;
Documents from Yugoslavia, the East German Peace Movement and Polish Solidarnosc.

27 (vol.8 no.1 1985)
Jiri Dienstbier on European Reunification and the German Question;
Henryk Wujec on Self-Management and Solidarnosc;
The Secret Speech of Imre Nagy;
the East German Peace Movement.

28. (vol.8 no.2 1986)
Zhores Medvedev on Gorbachev;
Tamás Bauer on Hungarian Policy;
Fred Halliday on the Tragedy of South Yemen;
Gus Fagan Guide to Polish Political Groups;
David Holland on Self-Management in Poland.

29. (vol.8 no.3 1986)
Ferenc Töke on the Workers Councils of 1956;
Michele Lee on The End of an Era in Yugoslavia;
Oliver MacDonald on East-West Relations after Reykjavik;
Andrzej Choniawko Eyewitness Account of Poznan Uprising 1956;
Wolfgang Templin on East German "Marxism-Leninism".

30. (vol.9 no.1 1987)
Roy Medvedev on Soviet Culture under Gorbachev;
Petr Uhl on Human Rights and Political Revolution;
Wolfgang Templin Reply to Petr Uhl;
György Krasso on Hungarian Writers in Revolt.

31. (vol.9 no.2 1987)
Peter Brandt and Günter Minnerup on Eastern Europe and the German Question;
Jadwiga Staniszkis on a Theory of Real Socialism;
Adam Michnik on Gorbachev;
Branko Horvat on the Crisis in Kosovo;
Hubertus Knabe on the Hungarian Ecological Crisis.

32. (vol.9 no.3 1987-88)
Bulat Okudzhava on Overcoming Stalin's Legacy;
Boris Kagarlitsky and Alexander Severukhin on The Socialist Clubs in Russia;
Leszek Novak a View from the Left in Poland;
Gus Fagan on the Legacy of Janos Kadar;
The Programme of the Socialist Clubs in Russia;
Declaration of the Moscow Conference of Socialist Clubs.

33. (vol.10 no.1 1988)
Zhores Medvedev on the State of Perestroika;
Roy Medvedev on National Problems in the Soviet Transcaucasus;
Jiri Dienstbier on a Strategy for Europe;
Jacek Kuron's "Landscape after the Battle";
Solidarity National Council Discusses Kuron's Article;
Declaration of Historical-Political Club "Obschchina".

34. (vol.10 no.2 1988)
Misha Glenny on Eastern Europe under Gorbachev;
Zdenek Mlynar on the Lessons of the Prague Spring;
Pyotr Siuda on the Novocherkassk Tragedy;
Viktor Gershfeld A Green Bolshevik in Moscow;
Jeremy Lester on Perestroika in the Provinces;
Michele Lee on Democracy and the National Question.

35. (no.1 1989)
Boris Kagarlitsky The Soviets and the Party;
Nikolai Osa Report from Armenia;
Gus Fagan Women's Literature in the GDR (Part 1);
Michele Lee Yugoslavia in 1989;
Selections from Left Turn (Levyi Povorot) journal of Federation of Socialist Clubs; Statement on Nuclear Power from the Ecological Club of Kazan;
Declaration from Founding Congress of Democratic Union May 1988;
Documents from Polish Socialist Party.

36. (no.2 1989)
Jozef Pinior Reform or Revolution in Poland;
Shkelzen Maliqi The Albanian Intifada;
Oliver MacDonald Stalinism, the National Question and Separatism in the USSR;
Jeremy Lester The Baltic Question;
Gus Fagan Women's Literature in the GDR (Part 2);
Boris Kagarlitsky on Yeltsin.

37. (no.3 1989)
Günter Minnerup on the October Revolution in the GDR;
Daniel Singer The Unfinished Saga of Solidarity;
Boris Kagarlitsky The Political Struggle in Russia;
Michele Lee Civil War in Yugoslavia?
Appeal for United Left;
Statement from Polish Socialist Party (Democratic Revolution) on the Mazowiecki Government.

38. (no.1 1990)
Wolfgang Harich The Left and German Unity;
Peter Brandt and Günter Minnerup The European Left in the 1990s;
Oliver MacDonald Self-Determination in Eastern Europe;
Rossana Rossanda An Unrepentant Communist;
Peter Grimm The SPD in East Germany;
Programme of Democratic Platform in the CPSU;
Programme of Polish Socialist Party (Democratic Revolution).

39. (no.2 1990)
Daniel Singer The Future of Socialism in Eastern Europe;
Tamás Krausz The Conservative Revolutions in Eastern Europe;
Oliver MacDonald A Survey of the Polish Right;
Gus Fagan The Left in Hungary;
Patrick Camiller Political Divisions in Romania;
Hungary Charter of Left Alternative;
Statement by Hungarian Association of Workers Councils;
Programme of Marxist Platform in CPSU;
Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine, Supreme Council of Ukrainian SSR, 1990.

40. (June 1991)
Günter Minnerup The Legacy of German Communism: Demise of the GDR;
David Holland Poland in Transition;
Gus Fagan The Transition in Hungary;
Karol Modzelewski The Future of the Left in Poland;
Jeremy Lester The Nationalities Question in the Soviet Union;
Appeal by Socialist Political Centre in Wroclaw;
Statements from representatives of Socialist Party, Marxist Workers Party and Social-Democratic Association

41. (no.1 in 1992)
Daniel Singer
The Collapse of One Superpower;
László Andor Conflict over Economic Strategy in Hungary;
Peter Kammerer Mezzogiorno in East Germany;
Gus Fagan The German Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS);
Drago Roksandic Myths of Historical Conflict in Yugoslavia;
Andy Kilmister The Polish Economic Crisis;
Jeremy Lester A Guide to Political Parties in Russia;
Mikhail Nagaitsev Trade Unions in Moscow;
Chris Corrin Women in Eastern Europe;
Founding Declaration of CIS, December 1991;
Appeal for Party of Labour;
The Post-Solidarity Left: Documents and Interviews.

42. (no.2 in 1992)
Rick Simon Russian Trade Unions;
Andrei Isayev Trade Union Ideology in Russia;
Renate Hürtgen Trade Unions in the ex-GDR;
Ryszard Bugaj Polish Social Democracy;
Karol Modzelewski What Happened to Solidarity?;
Elena Mezentseva Women in Russia;
Michael Hindley MEP The Left in the European Parliament;
Andy Kilmister Western Economists and Eastern Europe;
Workers and Trade Union Information Centre: Monthly Information Digest, January and March 1992;
Statement by Russian Independent Trade Union Federation;
Founding Declaration of Union of Labour;
National Strike Committee's "21 Demands August 1992";
Founding Document of East-West European Womens Network.

43 (no.3 in 1992)
Peter Gowan The European Community and East-Central Europe;
Andrew Glyn Wages and Reconstruction in Eastern Europe;
Milka Tyszkiewicz on Jacek Kuron's New Economic Policy;
Catherine Samary The Yugoslav Crisis;
Christian Promitzer Political Parties in Croatia;
Milorad Pupovac A Settlement for the Serbs in Croatia.

44. (no.1 in 1993)
Peter Gowan The EC and its Eastern Neighbours;
Hugo Radice Western Investment in Eastern Europe;
Valerio Lintner Monetary Integration, Recession and the Left;
David Edye Political Strains in Western Europe: Migration and Race;
László Andor and Tamás Krausz Liberalism, Nationalism and Democracy in Hungary;
Alexander Buzgalin The Russian Left in 1992;
Kazimierz Kloc Industrial Conflicts in Poland 1990-1992;
Branka Magas The War in Yugoslavia: A Reply to Catherine Samary.

45. (no.2 in 1993)
Special Topic: Yugoslavia.
Robin Blackburn The Breakup of Yugoslavia: its Causes, a New Role for the UN and a Policy for the Left;
Catherine Samary: Behind the Breakup: a Civil War and not Simply a War of Aggression;
Mary Kaldor The New Nationalism in Europe;
Ben Cohen The West and the War in Bosnia;
Knut Mellenthin Was a "Yugoslav Solution" Possible?
Karl Kaser The Many Nations and Nationalities of Yugoslavia;
Thomas Harrison The Arguments Against Military Intervention;
plus historical chronology, economic periods, demographic and military statistics, addresses and bibliography.

46. (no. 3 in 1993)
Peter Gowan The CIS and the World Economy;
Boris Kagarlitsky The Democratic Left in Russia;
Alexander Buzgalin Some Comments on the Programme of the Russian CP;
Paul Lewis Poland's Democratic Left Alliance (SLD);
Juliusz Gardawski and Tomasz Zukowski What the Polish Workers Think;
David Holland Solidarity Breaks with the Liberals;
Vicken Cheterian Independent Armenia;
Programme of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation;
Statement by the Federatiopn of Independent Trade Unions of Russia on the Yeltsin Coup.

47. (no. 1 in 1994)
Alexander Buzgalin Russia after the Elections
Jeremy Lester Zhirinovsky's Party: the LDPR
Petr Biziukov  Political Situation in the Kuzbass in 1994
Vadim Borisov Soviet-Style Privatisation: the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Complex
Attila Agh  Eastern Europe's New Elites
Jane Hardy and Al Rainnie Poland's Economic Transformation: The Role of Foreign Direct Investment and Small Firms
Peter Gowan German Ostpolitik and the Revolutions of 1989/90 (Review of T. Garton
Ash, In Europe's Name.

48. (no. 2 in 1994)
Peter Gowan: Germany's New Role in Europe;
Gus Fagan: German Foreign Policy - The Conflict over Recognition of Croatia and Slovenia 1991;
Sylvia Kaufmann: German Foreign Policy - the PDS View;
Andy Kilmister: East Germany - The Lessons of Restructuring;
Winfried Wolf: The Bonn-Paris Axis Under Strain;
László Andor: The Socialist Victory in Hungary;
Renfrey Clarke: The American AFL-CIO in the Russian Trade Union Movement.

49. (no. 3 in 1994)
Boris Kagarlitsky: Russian Trade Unions 1989-1993;
Rick Simon: The Labour Movement in Ukraine;
Russian Ministry of Labour Report - The Social and Labour Situation in 1993;
Nikolai Prostov: Workers and Trade Unions in the Russian Defence Plant Arsenal in St. Petersburg;
Renfrey Clarke: Report on Budapest International Left Conference September 1994;
Nenad Zakosek: The Far Right in Croatia;
Stepan Steiger: The Far Right in the Czech Republic;
Helmut Konrad: Danger of Fascism in Eastern Europe?;
Catherine Samary: Other Voices from Bosnia;
Angela Klein: The PDS in the German Elections.

50. (No. 1 in 1995)
Lisl Kauer Social Democratic Parties in Eastern Europe
Alexander Buzgalin and Andrei Kolganov  The Russian Left in 1994
Boris Kagarlitsky   Social Democracy in the East: Doomed to be Radical
Kirill Buketov  Trade Unions and Politics in Russia 1994
Round Table  The Russian Left Debates the Future
Ken Coates MEP  Creating a European Left
Vicken Chiterian  Solidarity in the Caucasus
Renfrey Clarke  Public Opinion in Russia and Eastern Europe
Peter Gowan  The Visegrad States and the European Union
The German PDS as a Socialist Party

51. (No. 2 in 1995)
Bob Arnot  Survey: The Russian Economy in 1995
David Mandel  The Russian Working Class, Privatisation and Labour Management Relations in the Fourth Year of Shock Therapy
Joerg Roesler  Privatisation of East German Industry: Its Economic and Social Implications
Nigel Swain  Decollectivising Agriculture in the Visegrad States
Andy Kilmister Privatisation in Eastern Europe: The Debate
Peter Gowan  Liberals versus Neo-Liberals: A Critical Look at Recent Writings on Civil Society

52. (No. 3 in 1995)
David Holland  Poland's Presidential Elections in 1995
Election Statements from Kwasniewski, Kuron and Zielinski
from Nowa Lewica  The Ex-Solidarity Left
Jan Sylwestrowicz  Capitalist Restoration in Poland: A Balance Sheet
David Mandel  The Russian Labour Movement and Politics
Boris Kagarlitsky  Russian Trade Unions and the Parliamentary Elections of 1995
Marko Bojcun  Ukraine Under the Kuchma Presidency
László Andor  The Role of the External Debt in Hungary's Transition
Against NATO Intervention in Former Yugoslavia: Letter to the Prime Minister from British Labour MPs
Tamás Krausz Review Article: János Kornai, The Socialist System

53. (No. 1 in 1996)
Peter Truscott MEP  The Russian Elections: the End of Yeltsin and the Return of Communism?
Boris Kagarlitsky  Russia Between Elections  Interview:
Grigorii Artemenko  The Left in Ukraine
Rick Simon  The Miners' Strike in Russia and Ukraine
David Holland  Dirty Politics in Poland
Susan Zimmermann  Hungary's New Left
Declaration of Principles: Left Platform in the Hungarian Socialist Party
Kirill Privezentsev  The Greens and the Labour Movement in Russia: An Experiment in Co-operation
Interview: Johan Galtung   NATO Goes East
Andrew Kilmister Kornai's Economics of Socialism

54. (No. 2 in 1996)
Catherine Samary  The Yugoslav Crisis: A View from the Left
Michel Chossudovsky  Dismantling Former Yugoslavia: Recolonising Bosnia
The Dayton Peace Agreement
Anna Pollert  The Revival of Czech Social Democracy
Kate Hudson  Social Democracy in Hungary
Laszlo Andor  Trade Unions in Hungary 1988-1996
Christine Engel  Literature in Eastern Europe after the Turn to the Market.

55. (No. 3 in 1996)
Trade Unions in East Central Europe
Anna Pollert Trade Unionism in the Czech Republic
Julian Bartosz Polish Trade Unions: Caught Up in the Political Battle
Rainer Girndt Hungary's Trade Unions: Division and Decline
David Mandel  A Ukrainian Trade Union in the Transition to the MarketJeremy Lester The Defeat of Zyuganov and the Communists in Russia's Presidential Elections
Kate Hudson Russian Cinema after the Turn to the Market

56. (No. 1 in 1997)
The European Left and EU Enlargement
Peter Gowan  The Dynamics of European Enlargement
Michael Newman  The Party of European Socialists and EU Enlargement to the East  Mary Brennan  NATO Expansion into Eastern Europe
Catherine Samary  The Politics of  Budgetary Issues: CAP and Structural Funds
Laszlo Andor  EU Enlargement and the Hungarian  Left
David Holland  The Polish Left and EU Enlargement
Gus Fagan  The German PDS and EU/NATO Expansion
Vladimir Shimanovich  The Political Crisis in Belarus

57. (No. 2 in 1997)  The Albanian Uprising
James Pettifer  The Albanian Upheaval: Kleptocracy and the Post-Communist State
Michel Chossudovsky  The Albanian Crisis and the West
Peter Truscott MEP  Russia First: A New School of Thought in Russia
Tadeusz Kowalik  The Polish August: A Bourgeois Epigone Revolution
Vassilis Fouskas  The European Strategy of the Italian Left
Colin Meade  Blair and Jospin: Social Democracy in France and Britain
Fausto Bertinotti  Report to Congress of Italy's Rifondazione Comunista

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